Best 70+ MySQL Functions Class 12 MCQ

MySQL Functions Class 12 MCQ MySQL Functions Class 12 MCQ Q1. Single Row Functions are also known as _____ a. Static Functions b. Scalar Functions c. Dynamic Functions d. Vector Functions Q2. Which of the following are categories of Single Row Function in MySQL? a. Numeric b. String c. Date d. All of the above … Read more

100+ MYSQL Viva Questions class 12 Important for Practical Exam

MYSQL Viva Questions for Practical Exam CLICK FOR CLASS 12 COMPUTER SCIENCE PRACTICAL QUESTION PAPER (SOLVED) Click for Python Viva Questions Q1. What is DBMS? Q2. What is the full form of RDBMS. Q3. Give two example of DBMS. Q4. What is table in DBMS? Q5. What is record in a table? Q6. What is … Read more

Best MCQ on SQL Class 12

MCQ on SQL Class 12 Click for MCQ on MySQL Functions Q1. Which of the following store data in the form of rows and columns? a. Form b. Report c. Table d. Query Q2. The horizontal lines of table are called ______ a. Rows b. Record c. Both of the above d. Attributes Q3. The … Read more

100+ Important SQL Queries with Answers

100+ Important SQL Queries SQL Queries Q1. Write SQL queries for the following based on table : TEACHER Table : TEACHER T_ID T_Name Subject DOJ Salary Workload Gender 101 Suman English 12/03/2012 55000 20 F 103 Ravi History 12/06/2000 70000 22 M 104 Alok Computer 07/02/2014 60000 21 M 105 Rani English 06/06/2015 50000 F … Read more

120+ Important SQL Practice Questions with Answers for CBSE Class 11 and 12

SQL Practice Questions for classes 11 & 12 SQL Practice Questions – Test 1 Q1. Write full form of DBMS. Q2. Define the following term Primary Key Foreign Key Candidate Key Alternate Key Q3. A group of rows and columns is called _______________ Q4. Candidate Key – Primary key = ___________________ Q5. Give two examples … Read more

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