Pandas Quiz 7

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Welcome to your Pandas Quiz 7

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Q61. Mathematical Operations on two Series object is done by matching ____________

Q62. Which of the following statement will display values more than 40 from Series 'S1'?

Q63. Which of the following statement will return 10 values from the bottom/end of the Series 'S1'?

Q64. Which of the following are valid operations on Series 'S1'?

Q65. When an operation is carried out on every value of Series object is called _________________

Q66. Which of the following statement will modify the first three values of Series 'S1'?

Q67. We can have duplicate indexes in Series?(T/F)

Q68. What is the index value of 31 in given Series 'S1'?

import pandas as pd
S1=pd.Series([1,2,31,4], index = ['a','b','c','d'])

Q69. S2 is ___________ in given code ?

S2 = S1[2 : 5] #S1 is a Series object

Q70. Following two statements will provide the same output.(T/F)

>>>L1 * 2 #L1 is a list
>>>S1 * 2 #S1 is a Series

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