Web Applications Quiz 8

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Welcome to your Web Applications Quiz 8

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Q71. Google Talk is a __________ instant messaging service.

Q72. For using Google Talk, you should have ________ account.

Q73. Google Talk provides ______________ communication.

Q74. When ever any one in the contact list of Google Talk is online, you can see the person along with_________ dot

Q75. Typing messages in Upper case is considered as rude behavior.(T/F)

Q76. Choose the general etiquettes to be followed while chatting.

Q77. Before you start using Yahoo! Messenger, a ________ account is required

Q78. Which of the following provide chat services?

Q79. Some instant messaging software such as Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger use __________ for managing the account

Q80. Blogs are similar to an online ________________

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