Python Fundamentals Quiz 11

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Welcome to your Python Fundamentals Quiz 11

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Q101. >>> bool(0) evaluates to ______________

Q102. _____________ operators are used to check if a value is a member of the given sequence or not.

Q103. Write the output of following code:

>>> n1 = 5
>>> n2 = n1
>>> n2 is n1

Q104. Which operators can be used to determine whether two variables are referring to the same object or not.

Q105. Which of the following is valid membership operator?

Q106. ________________ is defined as a combination of constants, variables, and operators.

Q107. Which of the following is invalid expression?

Q108. Binary operators are operators with ___________ operands

Q109. >>> 14 + 2 ** 2 evaluates to _____________

Q110. >>> 15.0 / 4 + (8 + 3.0) evaluates to ___________

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