100+ Most Expected Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

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Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Hello Everyone, All the questions in this article are taken from Previous Years Sample Papers of CBSE. Practice all the questions as these are very important for Class 10th Board Exams or School Exams. Questions are segregated Topic/Skill wise.

Employability Skills MCQ Question Bank

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Employability Skills MCQ Class 10
Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Communication Skills MCQ

Q1. The imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing or using some other medium and means of sending or receiving information.

a. Communication
b. Information Bureau
c. Confrontation
d. Coherence

Q2. Communication is a________.

a. Plan
b. Program
c. Process
d. Project

Q3. Which of the following pair is not part of 7Cs of communication?

a. Completeness and Conciseness
b. Consideration and Clarity
c. Concreteness and Courtesy
d. Confinement and Conduciveness

Q4. __________feedback is specific information, in the form of written comments or verbal conversations that help the learner understand what she or he needs to do in order to improve.

a) Descriptive
b) Specific
c) General
d) Sign

Q5. _________________Barriers are designed on the basis of formal hierarchical structures.

a) Physical
b) Linguistic
c) Interpersonal
d) Organizational

Q6. ____________communication is the use of body language, gestures and facial expressions to convey information to others.

a) Verbal b) Written c.)Non-Verbal d) Visual

Q7. Which of the following is NOT an element of communication within the communication process cycle?

a) Channel
b) Receiver
c) Sender
d) Time

Q8. Which among the following is NOT a correct example for ‘Small group discussion”?

a) Press conferences
b) Election campaigns
c) Board meetings
d) Team meetings

Q9. Which of the following is not a method of communication?

a. Face-to-face informal communication
b. e-mail
c. social network
d. Moral support

Q10. Which is disadvantage of Verbal Communication?

a. It is an easy mode of communication in which you can exchange ideas
b. To keep changing your interaction as per the other person’s response
c. Quick response
d. Difficult to understand if the right words are not used

Q11. Every sentence can be broken into two parts. They are:

(a) Subject and Predicate
(b) Noun and Pronoun
(c) Verb and Adverb
(d) Preposition and Conjunction

Q12. What does an (upright) straight body posture convey or show?

a. Pride
b. Professionalism
c. Humility
d. Confidence

Q13. Which of these is NOT a common communication barrier?

a. Linguistic barrier
b. Interpersonal barrier
c. Financial barrier
d. Organizational barrier

Q14. Which of the following is not a form of written communication?

a) Circulars
b) Reports
c) Discussion
d) SMS

Q15. The communication which helps to understand others’ thoughts and feelings:

a) Verbal Communication
b) Non-verbal Communication
c) Visual Communication
d) Written Communication

Q16. When the sender’s message is received differently from how it was intended, is known as _____________.

a. Organizational Barrier
b. Interpersonal barrier
c. Physical barrier
d. Language barrier

Q17. Rohit raised his hand to greet his uncle coming from distance. What type of non- verbal communication is this?

a. Gesture
b. Expression
c. Body language
d. Eye movement

Q18. ___________________takes place between two individuals.

(a) Written communication
(b) Public communication
(c) Interpersonal communication
(d) Small group communication

Q19. What is Paralanguage?

(a) Language spoken by aliens
(b) Tone, speed and volume of voice
(c) Language of the para-athletes
(d) Sign language

Q20. The final component in the communication process is _______, which defines the receiver’s response to the sender.

a) Decoding
b) Request
c) Feedback
d) Response

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10
Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Q21. It tells both the source and the receiver, how their message are being interpreted.

a. Communication
b. Feedback
c. Active listening
d. The use of jargon

Q22. You are writing a series of sentences that are organized and coherent and are all related to a single topic. What type of writing will it be?

a) Paragraph
b) Letter
c) Telegram
d) Poem

Q23. It allows us to share a lot of information by combining two or more related thoughts into one sentence.

a. Complex sentence
b. Simple sentence
c. Compound sentence
d. Complete sentence

Q24. Which of the following the acronym ‘TINS’ is related to?

(a) Packing
(b) Gaming
(c) Transportation
(d) Capitalization rules

Q25. Which of the following is pronoun?

a. Rock
b. Carefully
c. Red
d. Them

Q26. Which of the following is not a part of Body Language?

(a) Facial expressions
(b) The use of space
(c) Clarity of speech
(d) Gestures

Entrepreneurial Skills MCQ

Q27. In Which type of entrepreneurship, research is conducted to completely define a specific and core collective problem?

a. Social
b. Agricultural
c. Small Scale
d. Women

Q28. Identify the women entrepreneur known as the “Queen of Herbal Beauty Care”.

a. Radhika Agarwal
b. Aditi Gupta
c. Shahnaz Hussain
d. Falguni Nayar

Q29. Mr. Mohan is owner of a biscuit factory. He pays his employees on the 1st day of every month. Identity the function of an entrepreneur highlighted in the given statement.

(a) Creates a new product
(b) Manages the business
(c) Takes risk
(d) Divides income

Q30. ___________________________ Entrepreneurship can be defined as being primarily related to the marketing and production of inputs and products used in agricultural activities. Farmers have benefited the most with rise in agricultural entrepreneurship as it has led to low-cost innovations in farming processes.

(a) Agricultural
(b) Social
(c) Women
(d) Small-scale

Q31. From the following statements, which one is not correct about the Qualities of an entrepreneur

a) Successful entrepreneurs adapt the habit of hard work from a very early stage.
b) Entrepreneur should not think optimistically about the future of the business.
c) Confident entrepreneur must not deviate from his/her decisions too early in case success is delayed.
d) Entrepreneurs like to function at their own will and rules

Q32. Ravi’s customer comes to his store and starts shouting at him. He does not get angry. He listens to what his customer is saying. He is _________________

a. hardworking
b. confident
c. patient
d. trying new ideas

Q33. __________________ is not the quality of self-confident people.

(a) Dependent
(b) Hard Working
(c) Positive Attitude
(d) Commitment

Q34. From the following statements, which one is not the positive impact of Entrepreneurship on society:

a. Stimulates Innovation and Efficiency
b. Creates Jobs and Employment Opportunities
c. Solves the problems of the society
d. Discourages welfare of the society

Q35. Which of the following does not come under self-employment?

(a) Cooking in a restaurant
(b) Owning a clothing business
(c) Having a dosa selling stall
(d) Running a home bakery

Q36. Which of the following is the Managerial function of an entrepreneur?

a) Idea discovery
b) Planning
c) Detailed investigation
d) Assembling the requirements

Q37. Entrepreneurs need to coordinate and manage work teams by ________________________

a) Attitude
b) Leadership
c) Approachable
d) Assembling

Q38. How do Entrepreneurs innovate into the market?

a. by bringing unique and new products and services
b. by doing exercises
c. by contesting elections
d. by wastage of natural resources

Q39. Which of the following statements is not correct about entrepreneurs?

a) Entrepreneurs accentuate economic growth.
b) Entrepreneurs can create jobs in the market.
c) Entrepreneurs identify a need in the market and build a product or service for it.
d) A person needs to have a big business to be called an entrepreneur

Q40. Which of the following is not the function of entrepreneur?

a) Risk taking
b) Innovation
c) Management of resources
d) Makes own laws

Q41. Rahul decides to sell Chaat and Pani Puri. He is _______________________

a. Wage employed
b. Self employed
c. Both of the above
d. None of the above

Q42. Radha decides to sell her company tyres in Sri Lanka . It does not sell and she has a loss. She apologizes to the people who work for her. She says she will plan better next time. She ___________________________________

a. takes responsibility for her mistakes.
b. thinks before making a decision.
c. does not give up.
d. is creative

Q43. Business is a (an) _______________ activity.

a) social
b) economic
c) hazardous
d) None of these

Q44. As more entrepreneurs sell the same product, the price of the product goes

(a) down
(b) high
(c) imbalanced
(d) zero

Q45. Name the two types of employment

i. Self-Employment
ii. Individual Employment
iii. Wage Employment
iv. Group Employment

(a) Both i and iii
(b) Both ii and iii
(c) Both ii and iv
(d) Both i and iv

Q46. Which of the following is the misconception about being an entrepreneur?

a) Person needs creative mind to start a business.
b) Person needs self-motivation to start a business.
c) Person needs a lot of money to start a business.
d) Person needs optimism to start a business

Q47. Sonika gets up at 6 am and goes for her hobby classes. Then she comes back home and finishes her homework before going to school. She does all work by herself. No one tells her to do so. This is called ___________________

a) Self-Awareness
b) Self-Motivation
c) Self-Regulation
d) Discipline

Q48. Which of the following is not the quality of entrepreneur?

a) Creativity
b) Self Confidence
c)Avoid taking risk
d) Hard Working

Q49. Entrepreneurship is a process of __________________________________

a) Developing business plans
b) Launching and running business using innovation.
c) Both of the above. d) None of the above

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10
Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Green Skills MCQ

Q50. Everyone in the world today is talking about the measures to curb these rising problems. There are World Summits being organized to find a solution to these global problems. And the solution to these problems is only one ______________________________

(a) Sustainability
(b) Global warming
(c) Deforestation
(d) Pollution

Q51. The four R’s of waste management are

a) Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
b) Repair, Reduce, Reuse, Refuse
c) Refuse, Reduce, Recover, Recycle
d) Refuse, Reduce, Rethink, Recycle

Q52. Choose the option which defines sustainable development.

a. Taking care of future generations
b. Taking care of only ourselves
c. Taking care of ourselves and the future generations
d. Well-being of all

Q53. One of the best solutions to get rid of non-biodegradable waste is:

a) Burning
b) Dumping
c) Recycling
d) Burying

Q54. How many sustainable development goals are given by the United Nations?

(a) 18
(b) 17
(c) 15
(d) 20

Q55. Give an example of large scale production of solar power in India

Q56. When and where Sustainable Development Goals were launched?

Self-Management Skills MCQ

Q57. Ruhaan and Rohini were discussing about stress in life. Ruhaan believes that stress always leads to reduction in productivity and psychosomatic disorders. Rohini is of the view that stress, if managed well, can lead to improvement in immunity. Choose the correct inference:

a. Ruhaan’s statement is right, Rohini’s statement is wrong
b. Ruhaan’s statement is wrong, Rohini’s statement is right
c. Both Ruhaan and Rohini’s statements are right
d. Both Ruhaan and Rohini’s statements are wrong

Q58. Stress generated by peer pressure fall in which category?

(A) Financial
(B) Physical
(C) Social
(D) Mental

Q59. Which of the following factor enhances one’s ability to work independently?

(A) Self-regulation
(B) Unpunctual
(C) Inactive
(D) Distraction

Q60. Managing stress is about making

A) A Plan to visit Psychologist.
B) A plan to develop emotional stability.
C) A plan to be able to cope effectively with daily pressures.
D) A plan to fun trip

Q61. In ABC of stress management , A stands for _______________________

A. Adversity
B. Adaptability
C. Adventure
D. Appeal

Q62. What is the first step to manage the stress?

A. Identify what is causing you the stress
B. Apply stress management method
C. Inform others that you are stressed
D. Be aware that you are stressed

Q63. Expand S.M.A.R.T

Q64. “ Instead of feeling upset over a scoring less in a test, try to maintain a positive attitude and look at ways to improve the next time” is an example of ________.

(a) Positivity
(b) Time Management
(c) Sleep
(d) Healthy Diet

Q65. Ravi works hard to get the best student award at the end of the year. What type of motivation is this?

a. Internal
b. External
c. Both Internal & External
d. Not any specific type of motivation

Q66. If a person is under stress for a prolonged period of time, it can cause________________________

a. Health problems
b. Mental troubles
c. All of the above
d. None of the above

Q67. When do you not feel stress?

a. you are too close to the exams but feel unprepared
b. you are worried about what people would think of you if you don’t dress well
c. you are worried about what people would think of you if you cannot speak confidently
d. You learnt to fight with the fear.

Q68. Time management is a skill that

a. Create stress
b. Create Anxiety
c. Helps you to submit homework and assignments on time.
d. Create impatient

Q69. What are the ABC of Stress Management?

a) Avertible, Belief, Consequences
b) Adversarial, Being, Control
c) Adversity, Belief, Consequences
d) Adversity, Belief, Control

Q70. Rahul is a young boy who was fond of playing Hockey and wanted to become a Hockey player. He joined a Hockey academy and came regularly to practice but never made it to the team. For four days, the boy didn’t come for practice. The matches had begun and his team was playing the finals. He came for the finals. He went up to the coach and pleaded him to let him play for the match. The coach had never seen the boy plead like this before. The Game started and the boy played like a ball on fire. Every time he got the ball, he shot a goal. Needless to say, he was the star of the game and his team won. What type of motivation did the boy demonstrate?

(a) External
(b) Internal
(c) Both internal and external
(d) Not any specific type of motivation

Q71. _________________________ is a practice where an individual is supposed to focus his/her mind on a particular object, thought or activity to achieve a calm mental state reducing stress.

(a) Enjoying
(b) Meditation
(c) Physical exercise
(d) Going on vacations with family and friends

Q72. Which of the following is an effect of negative stress?

a) Increase in productivity
b) Good mental health
c) Psychosomatic disorders
d) Emotional stability

Q73. Ability to work independently can be enhanced by

a) Negative stress
b) Low positivity
c) Self-motivation
d) Supervision

Q74. _____________individuals have an inner urge to do something, achieve their goals without any external pressure. It is a life skill and must be necessarily developed.

a) Self-motivated
b) Self -aware
c) Self –regulated d) Self-Control

Q75. Stress is the mental stage, which symptom may not reflect stress?

a) irritation
b) impatience
c) self-awareness
d) loneliness

Q76. It refers to focusing human efforts for maintaining a healthy body and mind capable of better withstanding stressful situations.

a. Stress Management
b. Exercise Management
c. Fitness Management
d. Personality management

Q77. Ability to work independently cannot be enhanced by being

a. self-aware,
b. Self-motivated
c. Self-regulated.
d. self-reliant

Q78. Which of the following characteristics helps an individual to inculcate discipline that further helps him/her in consistent efforts to move towards goal?

a) Self-awareness
b) Self-regulation
c) Self-motivation
d) Independence

Q79. Shivam works hard to get the best employee of the month award. What type of motivation is this?

a. Internal
b. External
c. Both internal and external
d. Not any specific type of motivation

Q80. Identify the type of motivation, We do things because they make us happy, healthy and feel good.

(a) External Motivation
(b) Internal Motivation
(c) Identified Motivation
(d) Interjected Motivation

Q81. Having conscious knowledge of your own self, capabilities, feelings and one’s own character is called as _____________________

a) Self- Awareness
b) Self- Motivation
c) Self- Regulation
d) Self- Assessment

Q82. It is an ability to regulate one’s own emotions when necessary and help others to do the same.

a. Harnessing emotions
b. Emotional awareness
c. Managing emotions.
d. Understanding emotions

Q83. Which of the following is NOT a physical sign of stress?

a) Dry mouth
b) Guilt
c) Fatigue
d)Cold hands

Q84. In “ABC” of stress management, “A- Adversity stands for ______________________

a. The stressful event
b. The way you respond to the event
c. Actions and outcomes of the event
d. Have a joyful life

Q85. Psychometric disorder is caused due to

a) Positive stress
b) negative stress
c) low positivity
d) financial stability

Q86. Which of the below is not a step of Effective Time Management–

a) Organize
b) Prioritize
c) Control
d) Remember

Q87. ________________________ is not a step for effective time management:

a) Priorities
b) Control
c) Track
d) Postponing things

Q88. Yoga is practiced to achieve control of_________.

a. Muscles
b. Bones
c. Mind
d. Body and mind

Q89. By applying your knowledge of SMART method to set goals, the given statements will be covered under which heading?
“I want to lose 10 kg someday.”
“I want to lose 10kg in the next 6 months

a. Specific
b. Achievable
c. Time bound
d. Measurement

Q90. If students are unable to meet their assignment submission deadlines then which type of stress may induce?

a) Mental stress
b) Physical stress
c) Social stress
d) Positive stress

Q91. What makes you complete work or studies without others cheering you?

a) Self-Confidence
b) Communication
c) Self- Motivation
d) Self-Esteem

Q92. Which ancient practice includes a series of postures and breathing exercises practiced to achieve control of body and mind ?

a) Meditation
b) Physical Exercise
c) Listening music
d) Yoga

Q93. Gathering insights on your personality and work-specific proficiency is known as

(a) responsibility
(b) self – awareness
(c) adaptability
(d) time management

Q94. “High expectations from self can leave one with chronic anxiety and stress, thus leading to stress”. Which kind of stress can be depicted by above statement?

a) Physical
b) Emotional
c) Mental
d) Financial

Q95. A _______________goal should have a timeframe by when the goal needs to be achieved.


ICT Skills MCQ

Q96. Which of the following functions is not performed using a mouse?

a) Boot up
b) Hover
c) Right click
d) Drag and drop

Q97. By default, Windows 7 has a picture for the desktop background. Name that picture.

Q98. Which of the following is a valid file extension for Notepad file?

a) .jpg
b) .doc
c) .text
d) .txt

Q99. Shortcut key to open a find dialog box is

A) Ctrl+V
B) Ctrl+F
C) Ctrl+H
D) Ctrl+Z

Q100. Which one of the following in not a navigation key of a computer keyboard?

(A) Page up
(B) Home
(C) Enter
(D) End

Q10. What is a Trojan Horse?

(A) Computer virus
(B) Race horse
(C) Computer game
(D) A sport

Q102. ICT stands for

a. International and Communication Technology
b. Information and Communication Technology
c. Informative and Communicative Technology
d. International and Communicative Technology

Q103. Select option to delete file permanently

a) Ctrl+A
b) Ctrl+C
c) Ctrl+V
d) Shift+delete

Q104. Things we need a mouse for ____________________

a) Hover, Point and click, turn on, Typing
b) Roll over, Drop and Drag, Double click, Typing
c) Drop and Drag, Hover, Turn on, Double Click
d) Hover, Point and click, Drop and Drag, Double Click

Q105. Software should be _______________________ regularly so that it works with maximum efficiency.

a. Upgraded
b. Updated
c. Installed
d. Uninstalled

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10
Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Q106. You may have noticed the long horizontal bar present at the bottom of the screen on Computer. What is it called?

a) Taskbar
b) Menu bar
c) Search Box
d) Control panel

Q107. Which button is used to reduce the window to a small icon on the taskbar?

  1. Minimize button
  2. Restore Down button
  3. Maximize button
  4. None of the above

Q108. _____________ can be used to select the entire document.

a) Shift + Home
b) Shift + Ctrl + End
c) Shift + Ctrl + Home
d) Ctrl + A

Q109. Which key we press to launch the Start Menu?

A. Control Key
B. Navigation Key
C. Enter Key
D. Windows Key

Q110. ________________ operating system enables multiple users to work on the same computer at different times or simultaneously.

a. multiprogramming.
b. multiprocessors.
c. multi-user.
d. multi-tasking

Q111. What should a strong password consist of?

a) Only letters
b) Numbers and special characters
c) Name of a person
d) Letters, numbers and special characters

Q112. Which of the following is an example of a mobile operating system?

a. Windows
d. iOS

Q113. To remove the files of temporary folder, we type ____________________ in Run dialog box after pressing “Windows button + R” on the keyboard.

a. #temp#
b. %temp%
c. $temp%
d. &temp&

Q114. The GUI stands for ______________________

a) Generated User Interface
b) Graphical User Interface
c) Graphical Unidentified Interface
d) Graphic User Information

Q115. ________________________allows the user to search a file or a folder or run executable files.

(a) Shut down
(b) Control panel
(c) Search box
(d) Menu bar

Q116. Which panel allows you to change the setting of the computer?

Q117. To cut the file or folder, which shortcut key will you use on the computer?

a) Ctrl + V
b) Ctrl + X
c) Ctrl + P
d) Ctrl + C

Q118. An operating system in which commands can be entered by clicking/double clicking/right-clicking a mouse is :

a. GUI-based
b. CUI-based
c. TUI-based
d. AI-based

Q119. Which of the following should not be done to clean a keyboard?

a. Holding keyboard upside down and shaking it
b. Blowing on keyboard with compressed air
c. Use damp lint-free cloth to clean top of keys
d. Spray liquid cleaner on the keys

Q120. An operating system is a software that serves as an interface between

a) user and computers
b) server and computer
c) computer and network
d) computer without CPU

Q121. Name the operating system developed by Microsoft.

a) Windows
b) Disk Operating System
c) Linux
d) Firefox

Q122. Which of the following functions is not performed with a mouse?

a) Turn on
b) Hover
c) Right Click
d) Drag and Drop

Q123. Press to copy the file or the folder.

a) Ctrl + P
b) Ctrl + C
c) Ctrl + V d) Ctrl + R

Q124. Which of the following function is not a way to protect data?

a) Password
b) Antivirus and firewall
c) Secure sites
d) Trojan horse

Q125. A _______________________ operating system is a computing environment that reacts to input within a specific period of time.

a) Single User
b) Multi-User
c) Real Time
d) Distribute

Q126. Which of the following trap small children into inappropriate relations?

a. Online predators
b. Worms
c. Trojan Horse
d. Anti-Virus

Q127. Identify the measure to protect computer from threats and viruses:

a. Sharing password with friends
b. Allow anyone to use your device
c. Use Antivirus
d. Leave computer without logging out

Q128. This allows the user to change various settings in a computer:

a) Search Box
b) Taskbar
c) Control Panel
d) Recycle Bin

Q129. Where are the Files and folders deleted by the user stored in the computer?

a. Control Panel
b. Recycle Bin
c. Search Box
d. Menu Bar

Q130. Which of the following shortcut keys is used to paste a file?

(a) Ctrl + C
(b) Ctrl + P
(c) Ctrl + V
(d) Ctrl + X

Q131. How can an anti-virus protect your device?

(a) It can protect it from over-heating.
(b) It can increase its performance.
(c) It can prevent data from getting corrupt.
(d) It can backup data

Q132. What are the small pictures on the desktop called?

Q133. Which one of the following shortcut keys is used for “redo”

(a) Ctrl + Z
(b) Ctrl + R
(c) Ctrl + V
(d) Ctrl + Y

Q134. An image file usually has an extension

(a) .jpj
(b) .exe
(c) .img
(d) .jpg

Q135. An operating system is a …………….. that serves as an interface between the user and the computer.

a. Hardware
b. Software
c. Glassware
d. Virus

Disclaimer : I tried to give you the correct Employability Skills MCQ , but if you feel that there is/are mistakes in the answers of Employability Skills MCQ given above, you can directly contact me at csiplearninghub@gmail.com. Previous Years Papers available on CBSE official website are used as a reference to create above Employability Skills MCQ

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Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

Employability Skills MCQ Class 10

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