Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 10

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Welcome to your Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 10

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Q91. Which of the following is correct about sorting?

Q92. The document [file name] is locked for editing by another user. To open a read-only copy of this document, click“!! This message appears because ____________________.

Q93. When two or more people has to work together in a same file for their project. Which of the following will make their work easier?

Q94. What argument is passing in the given function call =numbersum(7)?

Q95. Aman has written the following command to call a function. Unfortunately the command is giving an error. Help him to identify the error and write the correct code.


Q96. Raman wants to share a spreadsheet with others for collaboration purpose. Under which menu, he will find the option of sharing document.

Q97. How can you open the share document dialog box?

Q98. Which of the following statement in reference to sharing document is not correct?

Q99. If the changes made by other users in the shared document conflicts, then _____________ dialog box appear to resolve the conflicts.

Q100. Shared workbooks don‘t allow ____________________

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