Self-Management Skills-9 Quiz 3

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Welcome to your Self-Management Skills-9 Quiz 3

Q21. Which of the following statement will help to build confidence?

Q22. Which of the following is a quality of a self-confident person?

Q23. Aman is doing a project. To retain positive attitude he should ________________

Q24. What is the best way to start our day positively?

Q25. Rahul gets feedback on his project work from his class teacher. Which of these options demonstrates positive attitude in this situation?

Q26. What can you do to get rid of negative thoughts or feelings?

Q27. Personal hygiene is important because, it helps us ______________________

Q28. Do you think people living in hill stations can skip taking a bath for many days?

Q29. Radha wants to grow her hair and she applies a lot of hair oil. She does not wash her hair for days and sometimes it smells bad too. What would be your suggestion to her?

Q30. Dressing and grooming are important because they help us to look_____________________.

Q31. Which of the following is not an example of good dressing and grooming.

Q32. ___________ is the action of putting on clothes and __________________ is the process of making yourself look neat, tidy and smart.

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