Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 4

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Welcome to your Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 4

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Q31. When you open a new spreadsheet, by default it has sheet named ___________

Q32. By default sheets tab are present at the __________ of the spreadsheet.

Q33. We can insert the new sheet in Calc by clicking on __________ menu.

Q34. Which of the following elements are present in "Insert Sheet" dialog box.

Q35. By default _________ sheets are present in Spreadsheet.

Q36. We can rename a new sheet in Calc.

Q37. We can rename an existing sheet in Calc by

Q38. Formula to refer a cell A3 in sheet named S1 is

Q39. Hyperlink in Calc can be used

Q40. Hyperlink in Calc can be either relative or absolute.(T/F)

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8 thoughts on “Spreadsheet Advanced Quiz 4”

  1. O31 is wrong
    option A should be correct because this is mentioned in the ncert book that default name of a worksheet is sheet 1 not sheet-1


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