Internet & Web Quiz 1

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Welcome to your Internet & Web Quiz 1

Q1. A group of two or more similar things or people interconnected with each other is called _____________

Q2. Which of the following are examples of network in our everyday life ?

Q3. A __________ network is an interconnection among two or more computers or computing devices.

Q4. In Computer network, we can share __________________

Q5. Computer in a network is called ________________

Q6. For communication, data in a network is divided into smaller chunks called _____________

Q7. Apart from computers, networks include networking devices like ____________

Q8. Devices in a network can be connected through ____________

Q9. Which of the following is used in computer network?

Q10. In a communication network, each device that is a part of a network and that can receive, create, store or send data to different network routes is called a __________________

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