Data Entry Quiz 5

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Welcome to your Data Entry Quiz 5

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Q41. The numeric keypad has ____________ columns and __________ rows.
Q42. On a numeric keypad, the number __________ is the guide key.
Q43. On a numeric keypad, the number __________ has a small raised tangible mark which serves as a guide for the touch typist in the placement of fingers on other keys.
Q44. _______________ number key on numeric keypad is to be pressed by the right-hand thumb.
Q45. Rapid Typing Tutor is a __________________
Q46. Keyboards usually have small protrusions on the ______________ keys. They help your fingers locate the base position without looking at the keyboard.
Q47. CPM (in reference to typing) stands for ___________________
Q48. _______________ is defined as the percentage of correct entries out of the total entries typed.
Q49. Ravi typed 240 characters per 2 min with errors in 20 characters. His Net typing speed is ________________
Q50. The fastest typing speed on an alphanumeric keyboard, ____________ words in one minute, was achieved by Stella Pajunas in 1946

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