Self-Management Skills Quiz 2

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Welcome to your Self-Management Skills Quiz 3

Q21. Being ______________ means that you can identify your strengths and weaknesses

Q22. Which of the following statement is showing weakness of Ravi?

Q23. __________ is simply the force within you that drives you to do things.

Q24. _________ makes you to complete work or studies without others cheering you.

Q25. . Which of the following are types of motivation?

Q26. Ravi works hard to get the best student award at the end of year. What type of motivation is this?

Q27. Ram performed on annual day function and learn something new, such as dancing, singing, etc What type of motivation is this?

Q28. Suresh participated in a 100m race and won a prize. This motivated him to go for practice every morning. What type of Motivation is this?

Q29. Rekha gets up at 5 am and goes for her dance classes. Then she comes home and finishes her homework before going to school. This is an example of ________________

Q30. Neha spends all her after-school hours to practice more and more sample question papers. She wants to do well in her exams. This is an example of ________________

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