Digital Presentation Quiz 2

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Welcome to your Digital Presentation Quiz 2

Q11. To start LibreOffice Impress in Windows

Q12. Components of Impress Windows is/are _________________

Q13. Which of the following shows the name of the presentation file?

Q14. Which of the following bar shows Minimize, Maximize/ Restore and Close buttons.

Q15. Extension of file in Impress is ____________

Q16. Which menu contains functions for copying, cutting and pasting text segments.

Q17. _____________ menu is used to insert various objects like tables, shapes, textbox, and charts into a presentation.

Q18. ___________ menu is used to insert new slide, duplicate slide or delete slide.

Q19. Which of the following menu is used to control spelling in a presentation?

Q20. __________ menu is used for saving a file, opening an existing file, creating a new file etc.

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