Internet & Web Quiz 10

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Welcome to your Internet & Web Quiz 10

Q91. Common purpose for which websites are designed is/are __________________________

Q92. A ___________________ is a document on the WWW that is viewed in a web browser.

Q93. Basic structure of a web page is created using _______________

Q94. A webpage is usually a part of __________________

Q95. A web page may contain ___________________

Q96. The first page of the website is called a __________ page

Q97. A ______________ webpage is one whose content always remains same.

Q98. Which of the following will help to create a dynamic web page?

Q99. A ____________ web page is one in which the content of the web page can be different for different users.

Q100. A _______________ is used to store and deliver the contents of a website to clients such as a browser that request.

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