Digital Documentation Quiz 13

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Welcome to your Digital Documentation Quiz 13

Q121. Mail Merge involves merging of

Q122. Which of the following feature of Writer help us to create a letter for multiple people with personalized touch?

Q123. Anil purchased a new Shop and wants to invite his friends and relatives (approximately number 100) on inauguration ceremony. Which feature of Writer help him to create personalized invitation letter for every one?

Q124. Document (in mail merge) which contain the common data is called ____________

Q125. List that contain name, addresses etc which is used in mail merge is called _________

Q126. Advantages of Mail Merge is ________________

Q127. Mail merge wizard option is available in _________ menu.

Q128. There are ________ steps of doing Mail Merge using Mail Merge Wizard.

Q129. Data source(List of recipients) saved with _________ extension.

Q130. Data Source can be created in ___________________

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