Entrepreneurial Skills Quiz 3

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Welcome to your Entrepreneurial Skills Quiz 3

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Q21. Positive impact of entrepreneurship on society is _____________________

Q22. Society plays a role in boosting entrepreneurship by ______________________

Q23. Adverse impact of entrepreneurship on society is ____________________________

Q24. Which of the following social problems are tackled by social entrepreneurs?

Q25. Agricultural Entrepreneurship helps farmers in ________________

Q26. Which of the following entrepreneurship refers to starting industries in which manufacturing, trading, providing services, productions are done on a micro scale?

Q27. Entrepreneurship skills helps __________________

Q28. All businesses are either skyrocket or fail.(T/F)

Q29. Which of the following are commercial functions of Entrepreneur?

Q30. An enterprise owned and controlled by a woman and giving at least 51 per cent of the employment generated in the enterprise to women is _____________________

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