Digital Documentation (Advanced) Quiz 2

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Welcome to your Digital Documentation (Advanced) Quiz 2

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Q11. We can create style by :

Q12. We can create new styles by dragging selected text into Styles and Formatting Window.(T/F)

Q13. We can modify the predefined styles also?(T/F)

Q14. We can not copy the styles from other document. (T/F)

Q15. Images can be added to a document :

Q16. Area where cut and copied image stored is _________

Q17. Shortcut to copy image is ctrl + ______

Q18. To open insert picture dialog box, click on _______ menu.

Q19. Click on _______ menu to open Gallery.

Q20. Which of the following is correct to open Picture toolbar?

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13 thoughts on “Digital Documentation (Advanced) Quiz 2”

  1. Hello, I have taken this question. But the 17 answer I know is ctrl+c. But while I studied the material which is given, the answer came as ctrl+v for copy. So pls change the anwer in material.

    Thank you

  2. My all doubts are cleared and it is a good platform for IT

    Thanks for such a easy and clear cut study material


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