ICT Skills Class 9 Quiz 13

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Welcome to your ICT Skills Class 9 Quiz 13

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Q121. In a webpage, when we bring our mouse pointer over a hyperlink, it turns into a ________________ symbol.

Q122. In browser, address bar is present at the _______________ of the window.

Q123. In chrome browser, shortcut to make address bar active is ________________

Q124. What is the shortcut to open the new tab in browser?

Q125. In browser, Alt + left arrow key is shortcut _________________

Q126. Aman wants to reload the webpage. Help him to find the correct shortcut key to reload the page.

Q127. Which of the following is a web browser?

Q128. An e-mail address is made up of two parts separated by the _______________ symbol.

Q129. Identify username from the mail "amitdhar@gmail.com

Q130. Advantages of e-mail is _____________________

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