Electronic Spreadsheet Quiz 4

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Welcome to your Electronic Spreadsheet Quiz 4

Q31. Range of cell C2 : C7 includes _________ cells

Q32. C3 : F3 is an example of ___________

Q33. Cell Range A1:D3 consist of _________ cells.

Q34. __________ key is used to select more than one ‘range of cells’ in a worksheet.

Q35. What is the address of the first cell represented by Range D34 : F40?

Q36. ____________ is the any text entered by using a keyboard.

Q37. By default labels are ___________ aligned.

Q38. The data consisting of only numbers are called ___________

Q39. By default Values are ______________ aligned.

Q40. Any expressions that begins with an equals ‘=’ is treated as _____________.

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