Pandas Quiz 2

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Welcome to your Pandas Quiz 2

Q11. A ____________ is a collection of data values and operations that can be applied to that data.

Q12. A ____________ is a one-dimensional array.

Q13. A Series can have values of _______________ data type.

Q14. A Series by default have numeric data labels starting from ____________.

Q15. The data label associated with a particular value of Series is called its ___________

Q16. Which of the following module is to be imported to create Series?

Q17. Which of the following function/method help to create Series?

Q18. Write the output of the following :

>>> import pandas as pd 

>>> series1 = pd.Series([10,20,30])

>>> print(series1)

Q19. When you print/display any series then the left most column is showing ___________ value.

Q20. How many values will be there in array1, if given code is not returning any error?

>>> series4 = pd.Series(array1, index = ["Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr"])

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