ICT Skills Quiz 4

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Welcome to your ICT Skills Quiz 4

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Q31. Electronic files in computer can be __________

Q32. Each file in computer has ________

Q33. The file name and file name extension are separated by a _________

Q34. Sneha created a file in Notepad and saved the file by name "hello" so the complete name of file will be

Q35. The extension of image file is _____________

Q36. A _______ is a location where a group of files can be stored.

Q37. When a student, Neha, joins a class, the teacher creates a file on the computer to store Neha’s information, such as name, address, phone number. Which of the following application is appropriate to store such information?

Q38. Which of the following is a text editor?

Q39. Shortcut to save file is ___________

Q40. We need to protect our computer from _______

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