Digital Presentation Quiz 6

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Welcome to your Digital Presentation Quiz 6

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Q51. Slide Layout option is available in __________ menu.

Q52. Duplicate slide can be inserted by ________________

Q53. Sometimes we may delete some text or image by mistake. To revert this mistake, there is an option called ______________

Q54. Undo and Redo options are available in _____________ toolbar.

Q55. Keyboard Shortcut for Undo is _______________

Q56. Keyboard Shortcut for Redo is __________________

Q57. If you want to rollback your undo command, you can use _________.

Q58. Zoom slider on the Status bar has __________ marked sections.

Q59. Which of the following view is not available in LibreOffice Impress?

Q60. __________ view is used to format and design and to add text, graphics, and animation effects.

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