Data Entry Quiz 3

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Welcome to your Data Entry Quiz 3

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Q21. Which of the following keys help to delete the text?

Q22. Which of the following key bring the cursor to the beginning of new line?

Q23. The ___________ is the small downward line that flickers in a sentence while typing.

Q24. Which of the following are point and draw device?

Q25. By default, the mouse is configured to work for the ___________ hand.

Q26. Which of the following mouse pointer identifies a hyperlink?

Q27. Selecting text and moving object can be done with _________ mouse button.

Q28. With the _________ mouse button we can open a context menu for an item, if it is applicable.

Q29. Which of the following is used to start a program or open a file or trigger an action.

Q30. Which of the following is used to select an item?

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