IT-ITeS Quiz 1

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Welcome to your IT-ITeS Quiz 1

Q1. ICT stands for :

Q2. ITeS stands for :

Q3. Information Technology (IT) means creating, managing, storing and exchanging information.(T/F)

Q4. Computer takes data as __________, processes it and produces the results as ______.

Q5. Raw facts and figures is called ____

Q6. Result of data processing is called __________

Q7. Which of the following are benefits of IT in business?

Q8. ITeS is also called __________________that cover the entire operations which exploit Information Technology for improving the efficiency of an organisation.

Q9. Information Technology that enables the business by improving the quality of service is___________

Q10. BPO stands for _____________

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  1. i got 10 of 10 ,good app ,i am happy that there are very nice websites ,i was not studing before ,but now i am the best in my class ,thank you


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