Societal Impacts Quiz 8

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Welcome to your Societal Impacts Quiz 8

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Q71. ______________ is an activity where fake websites or emails that look original or authentic are presented to the user.

Q72. ___________ is a kind of cyber crime in which attacker blackmails the victim to pay for getting access to the data.

Q73. Which of the following can be considered as safety measures to reduce the risk of cyber crime?

Q74. E-waste stands for __________________

Q75. Which of the following constitute e-waste?

Q76. e-waste is responsible for the degradation of our environment.(T/F)

Q77. e-waste is very healthy for human being.(T/F)

Q78. e-waste is responsible for air, water and land pollution.(T/F)

Q79. Which of the following are feasible methods of e-waste management?

Q80. The process of re-selling old electronic goods at lower prices is called ________________

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