Web Applications Quiz 13

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Welcome to your Web Applications Quiz 13

Q121. Which of the following are some of the measures to keep ourselves safe from electricity hazards and accidents?

Q122. Learning ____________ is the social and civic responsibility of every human being.

Q123. It is our responsibility to check for the ________ of medical related items in First Aid kit.

Q124. Rules of First Aid are :

Q125. Hazard which occur due to occupation is called

Q126. Types of Occupational Hazards are:

Q127. Unfortunate incident that occurs unintentionally causing hazardous result or injury or unwanted results is called _________

Q128. Examples of accidents at work place are :

Q129. Any unexpected situation that needs immediate attention and action is called

Q130. Source of any potential harm is called ______

Q131. The process of emptying a place in case of an emergency is called _______

Q132. _______system ensures that differently-abled are assisted and guided out of the premises in case of emergency.

Q133. Healthy life style includes :

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