Electronic Spreadsheet Quiz 9

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Welcome to your Electronic Spreadsheet Quiz 9

Q81. Which of the following formula will calculate area of square (side = 9)

Q82. When the values of the cells mentioned in the formula changes then results obtained from a formula also get updated automatically.(T/F)

Q83. Format cell dialog box can be opened by _________________

Q84. Shortcut to open Format Cell dialog box is ____________

Q85. In _____________ tab of Format cell dialog box, we can specify the number of decimal places.

Q86. Which of the following alignment is not available in LibreOffice Calc?

Q87. Shortcut of Centre Alignment in LibreOffice Calc is _________________

Q88. Shortcut of Left Alignment in LibreOffice Calc is _________________

Q89. ___________ tool is used to fill the next cells till you drag it with the next predefined value.

Q90. Fill handle of a cell is the small black square appears in the ______________ corner of the selected cell.

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