Digital Documentation (Advanced) Quiz 1

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Welcome to your Digital Documentation (Advanced) Quiz 1

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Q1. A __________ is a set of formats that you can apply to selected pages, text, frames.

Q2. We can quickly change the appearance of documents by applying styles.(T/F)

Q3. Which of the following styles is not offered by

Q4. Which of the style include header and footers, border, margins.

Q5. Which style affect the selected text such as font size, bold and italics format?

Q6. What is the shortcut for opening styles and formatting window?

Q7. Styles and Formatting Window is available in ________ menu.

Q8. Fill Format mode help to apply styles to many different areas quickly.(T/F)

Q9. When Fill Format mode is active, _____ click undo last Fill Format action.

Q10. To quit Fill Format mode press the ______ key.

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