Self-Management Skills-9 Quiz 2

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Welcome to your Self-Management Skills-9 Quiz 2

Q11. Which of the following is not an example of strength?

Q12. _________________, also known as 'areas of improvement' are what we do not do well and are not good at.

Q13. _________________ are the things that we enjoy doing.

Q14. _________________ is an acquired or natural capacity that enables an individual to perform a particular job or task with considerable proficiency.

Q15. Which of the following statement showing ability of Abhishek?

Q16. Which of the following statement showing Interest of Rani?

Q17. Which statement is showing weakness of Parth?

Q18. Read the following statements and find who is confident, Naman or Anchal?

Naman had difficulty in speaking English. He, therefore, avoided talking to his classmates. He believed that he can learn English by joining English speaking classes and in few days he was able to speak English fluently.

Anchal, was preparing for her final board exams. She feared that she will not get good marks in English because of her poor memory. This made her nervous before the exam and she actually got poor marks in the exam.

Q19. _______________ is a quality we build when we believe in our strength to succeed in anything we do in life.

Q20. Which of the following are qualities of self-confident people?

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