Functions Quiz 6

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Welcome to your Functions Quiz 6

Q51. Which of the following is not built-in module in python?

Q52. In math.ceil(x), what is x here?

Q53. Write the output of the following :


Q54. Write the output of : print(math.fabs(-6.7))

Q55. ________________ function of math module calculates the factorial.

Q56. Which of the following function return random real number (float) in the range 0.0 to 1.0?

Q57. Smallest number return by statement random.randrange(2,7) is _____________

Q58. Which of the following function is not defined in statistics module?

Q59. In order to get a list of modules available in Python, we can use the _____________ statement:

Q60. Aman wants to import only sqrt( ) function of math module. Help him to write the correct code.

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