Web Applications Quiz 15

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Welcome to your Web Applications Quiz 15

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Q141. Which of the following is not a networking architecture?

Q142. In a skit based on "Computer Network", Amit is playing a role of a component who is providing services to other components or computers. Identify the role of Amit

Q143. I am a global system of interconnected computer networks. I am a network of networks. Who am I?

Q144. Internet is widely used by __________________

Q145. Which of the following statement is not correct about Internet?

Q146. Which of the following software is required to view websites in computer?

Q147. I am a software who acts as an interface between the user and the World Wide Web. Who am I?

Q148. I am a document who may contain text, images, videos, other multimedia, and hyperlink. Who am I?

Q149. Web Pages stored on web servers are retrieved by using a _________________

Q150. Which of the following is an advantage of Computer Networking?

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