Electronic Spreadsheet Quiz 11

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Welcome to your Electronic Spreadsheet Quiz 11

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Q101. When you drag formula = A$7 downward then __________

Q102. When you drag formula = A$7 towards right then __________

Q103. Which of the following is an example of absolute referencing?

Q104. In which of the following referencing, the cell address remains unchanged even after dragging in any direction?

Q105. Which of the following chart is/are available in LibreOffice Calc?

Q106. Which of the following chart shows values as circular sectors of the total circle?

Q107. Chart option is available in __________ menu.

Q108. Which of the following chart shows vertical bars?

Q109. Shortcut of Print preview in LibreOffice Calc is ________________

Q110. Which of the following feature in LibreOffice Calc speed up the data entry?

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