File Handling Quiz-13

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Welcome to your File Handling Quiz-13

Q121. Correct syntax of tell( ) function is _____________. #f is file object

Q122. The syntax of seek() is: [, reference_point]). _____________ value of reference_point indicate end of file

Q123. Which of the following statement is wrong in reference to Text file?

Q124. Identify the statement which can not be interpret from the given code:

f = open("test.dat", "ab+")

Q125. Which module is to be imported for CSV file?

Q126. Write the output of the following code :

import csv
f = open(“data.csv”, ‘r’)
row = csv.reader(f)

Q127. ___________ function help us to read the csv file.

Q128. Write the output of the second print statement of the given code:


Output of first print statement is : MynameisAmit

Q129. Which of the following method returns an integer value?

Q130. ________ refers to the process of converting the structure to a byte stream before writing it to the file.

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