IT-ITeS Quiz 2

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Welcome to your IT-ITeS Quiz 2

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Q11. BPM stands for __________________

Q12. BPO Service Industry is doing exceptionally well in India because _____________

Q13. MNC stands for

Q14. MNCs have their headquarters __________ India.

Q15. IT is used in home to _________

Q16. A PC should have _______ to play CD.

Q17. Example of products which have embedded software is/are __________

Q18. We can store ___________________ in our computer.

Q19. Barcode on a book makes it easier for the library

Q20. Computers are used to perform office work more effectively.(T/F)

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17 thoughts on “IT-ITeS Quiz 2”

  1. This quiz really helped me………… I am so interested in computer science that I know 5 programming languages. I am the CEO of CodeKeys community……….. Even though I was good at studies, I still get nervous during exams but this helped me get confident

    • Really that’s amazing biro… πŸ˜„means i am also good at studies but i have to read atleast for 1 day to resvise whole the things means i am really impressed with you nd same thing is happend with me in my mathematics exam… I was sick nd even u have read atleast for 1 hour i didn’t read it for a 1 second… 😜nd i got 100/100 marks… Which was a shocking moment to me hope same was for you πŸ˜…πŸ˜…β€


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