Communication Skills Class 10 Quiz-1

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Welcome to your Communication Skills Class 10 Quiz-1

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Q1. Which of the following skills are important to communicate properly?

Q2. The word ‘communication’ comes from the Latin word ________________

Q3. ___________________ are needed to communicate effectively with people.

Q4. Which of the following transmits the message through one medium or another?

Q5. Which of the following listens or understands the message?

Q6. The ____________ conveys the message to the sender in the form of feedback to complete the communication cycle.

Q7. A __________ is used to transfer the message.

Q8. _______________ is/are elements of a communication cycle.

Q9. 'A' is sending a message to 'B'. Who is Receiver here?

Q10. _______________ is the receiver’s acknowledgement and response to the message.

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