RDBMS 10 Quiz 16

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Welcome to your RDBMS 10 Quiz 16

Q151. Steps to delete a record from table are given below. Arrange them in order

1. Select the delete option.
2. Open the table.
3. Right click on selected data.
4. Select the data.

Q152. Data in a table can be entered in ___________________ view.

Q153. Structure of a table can be changed in ___________________ view.

Q154. Field Properties can be set in ________________________

Q155. Which of the following field property is for Numeric data type?

Q156. Parth is working in an IT company. He wants to store the details of all employees along with their employee number. He wants to do a setting that employee number(Integer type) will automatically incremented by 1. Suggest him the suitable property.

Q157. Aman wants to store the mobile number of all workers in a particular format in Open Office Base. Which of the following property will help him?

Q158. What is the default length of Integer data type?

Q159. What is the default value of field property 'Entry Required'?

Q160. If _____________ property is set to yes then it will be must to insert the value in the field.

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