NLP Quiz 6

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Welcome to your NLP Quiz 6

Q51. ________________ helps in cleaning up the textual data in such a way that it comes down to a level where its complexity is lower than the actual data.

Q52. The term used for the whole textual data from all the documents altogether is known as _________________

Q53. Which of the following is the first step for Text Normalisation?

Q54. In _______________________ the whole corpus is divided into sentences.

Q55. In Tokenisation each sentence is then further divided into ________________

Q56. Under __________________, every word, number and special character is considered separately and each of them is now a separate token.

Q57. ______________________ are the words which occur very frequently in the corpus but do not add any value to it.

Q58. Which of the following is an example of stopword?

Q59. During Text Normalisation, which step will come after removing Stopwords, Special Characters and Numbers.

Q60. During Text Normalisation, when we convert the whole text into a similar case, we prefer ________________________

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