Digital Documentation (Advanced) Quiz 12

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Welcome to your Digital Documentation (Advanced) Quiz 12

Q111. Aman inserted an image in OpenOffice Writer and now he wants to apply small corrections to the graphic or apply some special effects. Which of the following toolbar will help him to format the inserted picture?

Q112. Which of the following toolbar opened from Picture toolbar as a separate floating toolbar?

Q113. We can change color images to grayscale ______________________________

Q114. ___________________toolbar is used to modify the individual RGB color components of the image

Q115. Which of the following is example of Graphic filter?

Q116. ___________________toolbar is used to modify the brightness, contrast, and gamma of the image

Q117. Which graphic filter mimics the effects of too much light in a picture.

Q118. Which of the following option is useful to create watermark in Open Office Writer?

Q119. In Open Office Writer, transparency option is available on _____________________ toolbar

Q120. Write the way to open the picture dialog box in Open Office Writer?

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