AI Project Cycle Quiz 4

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Welcome to your AI Project Cycle Quiz 4

Q31. _____________ type of Supervised Learning models work only on continuous data.

Q32. A _____________________ model works on unlabelled dataset.

Q33. ____________________ means that the data which is fed to the machine is random and there is a possibility that the person who is training the model does not have any information regarding it.

Q34. Aman have a random data of 1000 dog images. He wish to understand some pattern out of it, so he would feed this data into the __________________ and would train the machine on it

Q35. Sonal wants to identify relationships, patterns and trends out of the random data. Which of the following learning model is suitable for her?

Q36. Type of Unsupervised learning models is _________________

Q37. _____________________ refers to the unsupervised learning algorithm which can cluster the unknown data according to the patterns or trends identified out of it.

Q38. Humans are able to visualise upto _____________

Q39. What happen to an entity when we reduce its dimension?

Q40. Which algorithm is used to reduce the dimension of an entity?

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