Self-Management Skills Quiz 5

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Welcome to your Self-Management Skills Quiz 5

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Q41. Aman can control his emotions, thoughts and behaviour in different situation. He is good in ______________ skills.

Q42. ___________________ is the ability to control one’s emotions, thoughts and behaviour effectively in different situations.

Q43. People with strong self-management skills can do certain things better than others. (T/F)

Q44. To perform well at work and life in general, we must be able to manage and improve ourself in ________________ skills

Q45. Which of the following skills we must master to succeed in life?

Q46. Ananya is a student of class X. Her class teacher has assigned a task to Ananya. She was unable to complete it on time. She reported it to the class teacher and complete it. What quality is shown by Ananya?

Q47. We should prioritise our things that we have to do. We should make a time table and follow it diligently. In this we are talking about __________________

Q48. Which skill help us to prepare for new changes, so that we can do transition seamlessly.

Q49. Some times stress motivates us to achieve more in life. (T/F)

Q50. Read the following lines and identify that who is in stress?

1. Amit worried that he will not pass in an exam.
2. Suman knows that she is not going to get full marks in Math.
3. Ananya plays harmonium .
4. Sagar feel pressurised when people around him bring up certain topics for discussion (issues that he is not comfortable with)

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