Self-Management Skills Quiz-9

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Welcome to your Self-Management Skills Quiz-9

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Q81. ________________ is all about finding and listing your goals and then planning on how to achieve them.

Q82. Which of the following method is used to set goals?

Q83. What is 'M' in SMART method of Goal setting?

Q84. Which of the following is an example of measurable goal?

Q85. Which of the following is an example of realistic goal?

Q86. Which of the following are benefits of ‘Goal Setting'?

Q87. Read the following and idientify who is good in Time management skills.

Sameera is always punctual at school. She has a regular schedule that she follows
everyday. She plans for study and play time in advance. 

Nisha usually arrives late to work. She does not submit her assignments
on time. She sometimes gets carried away in certain activities and forgets
the main tasks in hand.

Q88. Which of the following is the first step of effective Time Management?

Q89. What is 'T' in SMART method of goal setting?

Q90. Tips for Practicing the Four Steps for Effective Time Management is ______________

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