RDBMS 10 Quiz 19

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Welcome to your RDBMS 10 Quiz 19

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Q181. Which of the following operators are used to perform simple calculations in Base?

Q182. Ananya is working in an IT company. She has to display the salary of all the employees after incrementing it as twice the amount of present salary. Help her to write the query.

Q183. To display the records containing the same type of values ____________________ clause can be used with the Select SQL Command

Q184. 'Where' and 'Order by' clause can be used together in a single query.(T/F)

Q185. Which of the following query will display the details of all the students in increasing order of Roll number?

Q186. We can add, modify or delete records using the _____________, _________________ and ______________ commands respectively.

Q187. What is the purpose of Update command?

Q188. What the following query will do?

Update student set fee = 3000;

Q189. A _______ helps the user to systematically store information in the database.

Q190. By default, data is arranged in _______ order using ORDER BY clause

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