RDBMS 10 Quiz 18

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Welcome to your RDBMS 10 Quiz 18

Q171. In _________________ relationship, no table has the primary key column.

Q172. Once the relationships applied on the tables can not be removed. (T/F)

Q173. To remove the relationship between tables, right click on the relationship thread and select ______________ option.

Q174. ________________ is used to collect specific information from the pool of data.

Q175. Which language is used to write query in Open Office Base?

Q176. __________________ are the commands that are used to define the data structure and also to manipulate the data in the database.

Q177. Which of the following command is used to retrieve data from the table?

Q178. Which of the following clauses can be used with SELECT statement?

Q179. Select statement can retrieve data only from one table.(T/F)

Q180. Ananya wants to display all the records from table 'Book'. She is not able to write the SQL query. Help her in choosing the correct query to perform this task.

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