RDBMS 10 Quiz 10

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Welcome to your RDBMS 10 Quiz 10

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Q91. Which of the following is suitable to act as a primary key in table student?

Q92. A foreign key is a reference of the _______ key in another table.

Q93. A table is a collection of logically related data.(T/F)

Q94. ________ tables can be created in a database.

Q95. In primary key we can enter NULL values.(T/F)

Q96. Only numeric fields can act as a primary key in a table.(T/F)

Q97. Primary key increases data redundancy.(T/F)

Q98. In a table we can have only ______ primary key.

Q99. A foreign key is a primary key in other table.(T/F)

Q100. Duplicate values can be entered in Foreign key.(T/F)

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