Python 1-Mark Quiz 1

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Welcome to your Python 1-Mark Quiz 1

Q1. Which of the following is valid relational operator in Python: ?

Q2. Given the lists L=[11,31,16,82,15,17,101,12] , write the output of print(L[1:6])

Q3. Which module is to import for working with CSV files in Python?

Q4. Identify the valid declaration of L = [34, 65, 'blog', '34)

Q5. Suppose list L is declared as L = [1 * i for i in range (0,4)], list L is

Q6. A list is declared as L=[(2,5,6,9,8)] What will be the value of print(L[0])?

Q7. Which keyword is used to begin the definition of function?

Q8. Name the protocol that is used for the transfer of hypertext content over the web.

Q9. Name the keyword used to display unique records.

Q10. Which of the following is a DML command?

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