NLP Quiz 5

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Welcome to your NLP Quiz 5

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Q41. There are ______________ types of chatbot.

Q42. A ________________ is a software or computer program that simulates human conversation.

Q43. The possible difficulties a machine would face in processing natural language is ______________________

Q44. Syntax refers to the _______________ of a sentence

Q45. _____________ allows the computer to identify the different parts of a speech.

Q46. The following line refers to ________________________

5 + 6 = 6 + 5

Q47. The following line refers to ________________________

2/3 (Python 2.7) ≠ 2/3 (Python 3)

Q48. Semantics refers to _____________________

Q49. In ________________ it is important to understand that a word can have multiple meanings and the meanings fit into the statement according to the context of it.

Q50. In Human language, a perfect balance of __________________ is important for better understanding.

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