NLP Quiz 3

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Welcome to your NLP Quiz 3

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Q21. Which of the following is an example of a voice based virtual assistant?

Q22. _____________________ is all about how machines try to understand and interpret human language and operate accordingly.

Q23. Now a days a lot of cases are coming where people are depressed due to reasons like _____________________

Q24. ________________is considered to be one of the best methods to address stress as it is easy to implement on people and also gives good results.

Q25. CBT stands for __________________________

Q26. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy includes _______________________

Q27. _________________ is a technique used by most therapists to cure patients out of stress and depression.

Q28. People who are going through stress will contact ___________________

Q29. To understand the sentiments of people, we need to collect their conversational data so the machine can interpret the words that they use and understand their meaning. This step is coming under __________________________

Q30. We can collect data by _________________________

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