MySQL Class 12 Quiz-5

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Welcome to your MySQL Class 12 Quiz-5

Q41. The ____________________ clause is used to retrieve data according to some specified condition.

Q42. _______________ clause, returns records without repetition.

Q43. Write query for the following:

Display all the details of those employees whose dept_id is D12 and whose salary is more than 5000.

Q44. Consider the following query

Select * from employee where not Ename = 'Ashish';

What will happen if in the above query we write “Ashish” as “ASHISH” or “ashish” or “AshiSH”?
Will the
query generate the same output or an error?

Q45. Consider the following query

Select * from employee where salary between 20000 and 35000;

In above query ________________

Q46. Which of the following is a membership operator?

Q47. Write a query to display details of all the employees except those whose dept_id number is D01 or D02.

Q48. Identify the odd one out

Q49. By default, ORDER BY clause displays records in __________________

Q50. __________________ clause is used to display data in an ordered form with respect to a specified column.

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