IP Revision Term 1 – Quiz 3

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Welcome to your IP Revision Term 1 - Quiz 3

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Q21. Pandas was developed by __________________

Q22. In Pandas, we can analyze the data using ___________________

Q23. _______________ function is not used for working on charts in Python.

Q24. Pandas Series is similar to ____________________

Q25. Choose the most appropriate statement.

Q26. ____________ is the data that left behind when users using internet.

Q27. Which of the following function is used to plot bargraph?

Q28. 'D' in ODF stands for _______________________

Q29. Which of the following method/function is used to add/insert column in dataframe?

Q30. Who among the following is not following the Net Etiquettes?

1. Ram is installing Anti virus.

2. Rita is posting something about her friend on social media without asking her.

3. Kamal is updating his genuine Window.

4. Sheetal is browsing internet.

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