Introduction to SQL Quiz-2

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Welcome to your Introduction to SQL Quiz-2

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Q11. INT data type in MySQL specifies an integer value. Each INT value occupies ________________ of storage

Q12. ______________ data type holds numbers with decimal points.

Q13. Each FLOAT value in MySQL occupies __________________

Q14. Default format of date in MySQL is __________________

Q15. Name an attribute for which fixed length string is suitable?

Q16. It is mandatory to define constraint for each attribute of a table. (T/F)

Q17. ________________ are certain types of restrictions on the data values that an attribute can have.

Q18. Which of the following is not the constraint in MySQL?

Q19. The column which can uniquely identify each record in a table is called _____________________

Q20. The column which refers to value of an attribute defined as primary key in another table is called __________________

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