Flow of Control Quiz 1

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Welcome to your Flow of Control Quiz 1

Q1. Python executes one statement after another from beginning to the end of the program. This is a ________________

Q2. The order of execution of the statements in a program is known as __________________

Q3. Python supports ___________ types of control structures.

Q4. Which of the following are control structure in python?

Q5. In programming, the concept of decision making or selection is implemented with the help of ____________ statement

Q6. Execution of statements in _______________ construct depend on a condition test.

Q7. Correct syntax of writing 'simple if' statement is _________________

Q8. __________ number of statements can be written in if block.

Q9. Which of the following is variant of conditional statement in Python?

Q10. Number of elif in a program is dependent on the ____________

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